Lesson Activities

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Create a Pictograph

The History of Water Use in California

Tour the Camanche Caves

What are the Messages?


A Winter Mural for the Library or Cafeteria

Animal Charades

Aquatic Adaptation Observation

Are You Me?

Be On the Lookout

Be Prepared for the Snow Hike

Create the Life Cycle

Creature Feature

Evaluate Your Perception

Fashion A Fish

Feed and Observe Winter Birds

How Do Animals Survive Winter?

Life Cycle Activities

Life Cycle of the Salmonids

Locate the Salmonids

Make a Plaster Animal Track

Math and Internet Connections about Hibernation

My Winter Animal Story

Observe Aquatic Life Cycles

Pick a Tune

Plight of the Salmon

The Warmth of Fat

Tour a Hatchery

Tour Salmon Habitat

Slowing Down

Who’s Been Walking Here


Animal Parts Game

Animal Tracks and Signs

Animals: Wild or Domesticated

Around and Around

Be a Rock Hound


Conduct Water Transfer

Create a Habitat Mural

Deepening Habitat Understanding

Does Soil Contain Water?

Earth Manners


Exploring Habitats

Guess My Plant

Habitat for the Animals and Us

How Has the Soil Been Affected?

Imaginary Trip to a Habitat

Individual Aqueduct Maps

Know the Habitat

Listening and Analyzing a Story

Match the Tracks and Signs

Mini Hike

Natural and Man-Made Walk


Observing Soil

One Square Yard

Outdoor Scientist


Search and Find the Aqueducts

Separating Soil

Sound Game

Stewardship of Soil (S.O.S.) Class Project

Tell a Story of a Creek

Tour a Reservoir Site and/or Hydroelectric Plant

Walk and Talk

Water Distribution: Problem and Solution

What Did You See, Smell, Feel and Hear?

What is This?

Write (Dictate) a Haiku

Your Own Rock Collection


Assessment of Drinking Water Treatment

Biological Treatment

Carbon Cycle Game

Collect Stream Data

Control Room Tour

Create the Teams

Drinking Water System Model

Imagine the River

Inside the Treatment Facility

Local Wastewater Issues

Measure the Complexity of In­stream Habitat

My Drinking Water Map

Plant Tour

Practice Field Techniques

Sampling Design

Soil Here, Soil There

Stream Changes

Stream Course Follow-up

The Earth’s Water

Tour of a Wastewater Treatment Facility or Guest Speaker

Wastewater Flow Chart

Wastewater Issues

Water Connoisseurs—The Taste Test

Water Cycle in a Jar

Water Cycle Role Play

Water Cycling Adventure

Water Filtration

Water Quality Experiments

Water Quality Field Report

Water Quality Measurements

Water Quality Research

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