Introductory Watershed Activities to Activate the Senses


The students should become aware of their surroundings as they experience the outdoors in a respectful way.


Grades: All grades

  1. Discuss the following with the students:
      • Noise. If students are quiet right from the bus to the water’s edge, the wild life will not be frightened away. Life cycles are in motion here; try not to upset them.
      • Trails. If there are trails, stay on them! If not, look where one steps. Something may be going on!
      • Collecting. Decide if collecting samples is appropriate. Collect only what the class has agreed to collect. (State and National parks don’t allow collecting.) Native Americans make an offering or gift to nature before they collect anything, “giving so that we may receive.” Consider: Is this something in use, like a nest, cocoon, etc? Will it cause a creature’s life cycle to be harmed? Are there enough to spare? Pick one, and share it.
      • Water. This is something needed to live happy, healthy lives. Learn to understand how truly important water is. The water is home to so much life; it is like another planet here on earth. Keep this in mind. Notice how things change as one gets closer to the water.
  2. Have students fold a piece of paper into fourths and write one of the four words in each box: noise, trails, collecting, and water.
  3. Have students draw pictures conveying what each of those words mean as they walk with respect in the outdoors.

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